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Connections recap

Legsss and I had such a grand time bringing our best dancing fools to life last Saturday at Connections! It’s safe to say we’ll be making future appearance and maybe even endeavours.
If you missed it and want a peek, here are a couple photo’s from the show.  It might not look like much but the sound was sweet! Thanks Vandocument for inviting us to tread into new territory and be a part of your fall art party! Keep up the great work!
~ photo’s by Kendra Archer for Vandocument


10397985_727252490684360_4182185670776193587_nAnd here’s a little listen of our first ever attempt at making music together….a process that is ever evolving and always fresh and surprising. What a journey it is to make art with fantastic and talented humans!

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(A Summer Soft Opening, A Quiet Debut, A Secret for the Sweet and Few, A Welcome for a Full Moon)

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This Friday, the 14th of March, is the first outing of my new project Intah. I am so excited to be embarking on this sonic path with Martin Reisle on cello and vocals, and Jordan Barnes-Crouse crafting soundscapes and textures. Please join us in witnessing the beginning of a new musical chapter that will evolve to deepen my ties to the sweet and eerie, the spacious and odd.

Hope to see you this Friday at Merge.

Event Details


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Thundering word….

The invocation has begun, thundering word is in session. My strings are tuned, the lights are low. There is the sound of cutlery and glasses clinking in amongst the hush of listening ears. Soon my chest will heave and my heart will push its dreams up through my throat and I will sing.

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…and we sing…

Where little winged creatures spin the tales of all that sings…we will be found in the…

Songs for the darkened corners of your smile and heart…the places you hide your secrets, and your sweet, sly tendencies.
In the songs for the epic wailing of the sirens heart ache and the jaded aftermath that is the object of her affections.
In the songs for the magic that goes unnoticed in all that is around us.
In the songs for your tapping toes, your beating heart, your swaying hips and your rib cage’s precious fruit.

August 9th 9:30pm Lanalous 362 Powell st.




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The National

Things I learned at The National:

-It is still possible for me to become a teenage girl while watching a band and experience the “oo he’s looking at me!” giddiness that was once so common with striking lead singers.

-this doubles when said lead singer climbs all over the audience and touches my shoulder as he goes by, still singing.

It’s good to feel giddy about a band and go home with post concert buzz.

Sigh…dreamy sigh.


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Streaming Cafe! Tonight!

Tune in to the Streaming Cafe site for my performance, tonight in Kelowna. Jon Bryant hits the stage at 7pm and I will likely be singing by 8:30pm or so.

La, la, la,


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