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the streets are full of beautiful life and art and activism go hand in hand where the clever and curious exist I present you with this, my dear friend Basil Underweathers, photo series “Stephen Harpers Red Tent Vacation” (for true appreciation of which it may be advisable to know about this REDTENTS) and CJ Leons comments on yesterdays activism with two videos where in he addresses both the enthusiastic participants accidental self censoring and celebrates the footsteps of many in Vancouvers streets.

Hopefully the sharing of our questions and these kinds of links will bring us together in a dialogue regarding the positive and negative aspects of this GIGANTIC party our city is hosting.
I’m thrilled to go see Califone and Wilco for Free tonight but my heart still sinks when I remember that Arts funding for BC artists saw the most gigantic cuts it has ever seen and that we have an embarrassing distinction as the province with the highest rate of child poverty, the lowest minimum wage and a huge inability¬† to create affordable housing for our homeless and nearly homeless communities……and yet somehow we are still the most liveable city in the world.

…a beginning

my first letter to you.

a beginning of the words we will share on these pages.

…and a song i will sing as a sign of things to come

stagger over this way for a listen

Hello world!

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