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I know I owe you a Release Party Recap and a CMW tale or two, but right now all I can say is this:

IMG_8176Soon my pretties, soon.


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melodic insomniac

I’ve been practicing the new tunes in the late day’s golden glow…
…fingers crossed that the newest one finds it’s feet in time for the show on the 28th.
Each of the melodies have been taking turns keeping me up at night.
Whispering with excitement into my ears they say they’re eager to meet you, but that they are nervous too.

amber resin and cedar wood

autumn is home to my heart.
we speak the same language, we hum the same breathy lullabys.
i am pleased she is arriving…unfolding one rustling leaf at a time.

my love grows…faceted and shimmering beneath the overcast morning of tomorrow.

california blog coming soon.

sweet dreams, dearies.

All I Could Do Was Cry

a voice like no other.
an echo to listen for in the quiet of starry nights.

The view this morning….

It’s snowing in Ymir. It snowed all night and most of yesterday too. Winter still holds court here.

road weaving

…still feeling so dreamy…
time just skips by…
we cram in the van and hit the road in one hour…
a splendid adventure awaits…
see you on the road, dreamers.

tell your friends, lovers and families.

stopping for songs at Voodoos in Penticton tonight…
casting spells in the okanagan valley!

all love,
jess hill