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Time to pass…

It goes without saying at this point that my show with Christa Couture on April 7th has been cancelled. I’m not certain that I am the virtual performance type, or that there is an audience that would desire such a thing, but as the days go on who knows how the hours will be utilized…

All this time put into our hands. Time to contemplate, time to muse, time to gather loose ends, to lay awake and wonder, to imagine a better world, to fear what is to come, to pray, to sing, to ponder solutions, to share stories, to reach out, to hide away. Time to start a project, to learn a skill, to nap and retreat, to value what was undervalued, to embrace simplicity, start a garden.

There is no right way to do it. We are all circling our own contrasting set of emotions, responses, and limitations. Oddly, we are finding some unity and togetherness in our separation. Finding profound and obvious evidence that our world is in desperate need of change, and that we are capable of making change. May hope spring from this dark time. May we find a way to better care for one another and the planet.

With heart,
Jess Hill

First Breathe

Breathe and remember your hollow places

The bowl beneath your ribs

The cup in the throat

Fill them full and let them hold your song

Sing and keep that spirit rolling

Let it roll until it rocks

Election 2015

I’ve been contemplating whether or not I would post anything related to the upcoming election. While I don’t think it’s any secret that I am a firm believer in the mission to “Heave the Steve” and reclaim Canada on behalf of progressive and compassionate policy, good scientific process, a robust and thriving arts scene, a fair taxation scheme, solid, supportive healthcare and education, respect for first nations and a proactive approach to addressing climate change I wasn’t sure of how to contextualize all of that in this framework until today.

This article about the CBC made it all click together.…/cbc-head-h

As a touring musician in Canada you quickly realize one thing; this country is massive and from coast the CBC is beloved! It is more often than not the soundtrack to coffee percolating in quiet morning kitchens in homes all over the country. It is frequently the avenue through which a new favourite song is found and an artist is subsequently sought out and supported. It accompanies cozy evenings by the fire, morning commutes, late night drives, lazy Sundays and inevitably many of the memories made in the passing minutes of Canadian lives. Even when you only consider the radio output of the broadcaster and conveniently forget the countless memories of nights huddled around the television for hockey or otherwise it is downright inconceivable to blame “a dip in ratings” as the only source of struggles the CBC has recently faced.

If you were considering sitting this election out please reconsider. The CBC is one of many beloved Canadian institutions that have taken a hit from the PM and his party. Please, please, please inform yourself and vote strategically so that we may find ourselves on a brighter and better path on October 20th.

If you are feeling disillusioned or at a loss and need a wave of inspiration in terms of grassroots pro-activity check out and then attend one of the fantastic live music events happening under the banner of ?#?imagineoct20th?

If we play smart and with a full roster we can have a country that acknowledges the voices of it’s diverse and beautiful citizenry as it forges thoughtfully into the future.

With respect, hope, and care,
Jess Hill


Noizz Factor Remix

A little while ago I stumbled upon a project called Emily and The Noizz. I fell instantly in love with the first track on their EP and then I had to buy it. I followed Noizz Factor on soundcloud, sent a wee little fan message and went along merrily with my life. A short time later Noizz Factor followed me back on soundcloud and left me some sweet comments on my song “Of A Shadow”, I mentioned that I had stems for said track, files were exchanged and beautiful things have resulted! Through the power of the internet a song has a rebirth, a creative connection is made and no one even had to get out of their pyjamas if they didn’t want to. To me this is the internet at it’s finest; bringing creative, talented minds from all corners of the planet to places of collaboration. From Canada to Poland and into your ears with love, I present the “Of A Shadow: Noizz Factor Mix” Enjoy! Share! Dance!


This Friday, the 14th of March, is the first outing of my new project Intah. I am so excited to be embarking on this sonic path with Martin Reisle on cello and vocals, and Jordan Barnes-Crouse crafting soundscapes and textures. Please join us in witnessing the beginning of a new musical chapter that will evolve to deepen my ties to the sweet and eerie, the spacious and odd.

Hope to see you this Friday at Merge.

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Slip under the sun; sighs be born again

Letting go is such a lengthy process. There are so many layers; each one stickier and more strongly rooted than the the previous. As I sit pressed against the window pane, my chin raised to the sun leaking in, my eyes closed in its light, the colours deepening and swelling against one another, fluidly red, orange, pink, white, amber, red, violet… suddenly makes sense. Feelings are like the colours of strong, warm light. Each one barely distinguishable from the next until it is nearly transformed into what follows. Hindsight knows us better. The heart needs space to echo. Our own comfort, within ourselves, is the only thing that can provide that space. We are vast and open canyons painted with light, dipped in shadow, and ripe for the reverberations of tempered beats slipping into the sun to be lost like forgotten sighs ready to be born again as new breath.