Time to pass…

It goes without saying at this point that my show with Christa Couture on April 7th has been cancelled. I’m not certain that I am the virtual performance type, or that there is an audience that would desire such a thing, but as the days go on who knows how the hours will be utilized…

All this time put into our hands. Time to contemplate, time to muse, time to gather loose ends, to lay awake and wonder, to imagine a better world, to fear what is to come, to pray, to sing, to ponder solutions, to share stories, to reach out, to hide away. Time to start a project, to learn a skill, to nap and retreat, to value what was undervalued, to embrace simplicity, start a garden.

There is no right way to do it. We are all circling our own contrasting set of emotions, responses, and limitations. Oddly, we are finding some unity and togetherness in our separation. Finding profound and obvious evidence that our world is in desperate need of change, and that we are capable of making change. May hope spring from this dark time. May we find a way to better care for one another and the planet.

With heart,
Jess Hill

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