Election 2015

I’ve been contemplating whether or not I would post anything related to the upcoming election. While I don’t think it’s any secret that I am a firm believer in the mission to “Heave the Steve” and reclaim Canada on behalf of progressive and compassionate policy, good scientific process, a robust and thriving arts scene, a fair taxation scheme, solid, supportive healthcare and education, respect for first nations and a proactive approach to addressing climate change I wasn’t sure of how to contextualize all of that in this framework until today.

This article about the CBC made it all click together.

As a touring musician in Canada you quickly realize one thing; this country is massive and from coast the CBC is beloved! It is more often than not the soundtrack to coffee percolating in quiet morning kitchens in homes all over the country. It is frequently the avenue through which a new favourite song is found and an artist is subsequently sought out and supported. It accompanies cozy evenings by the fire, morning commutes, late night drives, lazy Sundays and inevitably many of the memories made in the passing minutes of Canadian lives. Even when you only consider the radio output of the broadcaster and conveniently forget the countless memories of nights huddled around the television for hockey or otherwise it is downright inconceivable to blame “a dip in ratings” as the only source of struggles the CBC has recently faced.

If you were considering sitting this election out please reconsider. The CBC is one of many beloved Canadian institutions that have taken a hit from the PM and his party. Please, please, please inform yourself and vote strategically so that we may find ourselves on a brighter and better path on October 20th.

If you are feeling disillusioned or at a loss and need a wave of inspiration in terms of grassroots pro-activity check out http://www.votetogether.ca and then attend one of the fantastic live music events happening under the banner of ?#?imagineoct20th? http://www.imagineoct20th.com

If we play smart and with a full roster we can have a country that acknowledges the voices of it’s diverse and beautiful citizenry as it forges thoughtfully into the future.

With respect, hope, and care,
Jess Hill


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