Dreamers you are simply delectable! I can’t even find the words to tell you how unbelievably thrilled I am to squeeze you all into my the walls of the Princess Haus! This will be an evening of shoulder to shoulder, standing room only audio romance! You have made my heart break beats and hum the echo of a thousand pulses swimming in a tunnel. Thank you!

All of this on top of getting the limited edition, tangible copies of the album make life the ultimate love affair. I am giddy! I am honoured! I am in love with everyday!

IMG_7734Getting ready to number and sign the first run of “Pieces” EP CD’s. Only 100 copies to go around.

Did I mention I also got a new haircut? NOthing like sunshine and a new do to make you feel alive. 😉

IMG_7726Enjoy the sun, sweet hearts!
j. hill

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